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  1. Introduction
  2. Apples For An Apple Pie
  3. Evolution of the Pie Throughout the Years
  4. Helpful Tools For Baking Pies
  5. Types of Pies
  6. Varieties Of Pie Crusts


Pie Recipes

Recipes and Tips for making Pie.

Authentic Key Lime Pie

Authentic Key Lime pie uses tiny yellow Key limes, which are bursting with juice, have more acid and a stronger lime flavor than large limes.  Most Key lime trees have wicked thorns, but thornless ones are available.  We had a thornless one for many years, but the Florida Department of Agriculture's Canker eradication just cut ours down, so we will have to make do with Persian limes from the grocery from now on.   As for the pie, here's the real thing, and it's yellow like Key limes, never green.



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